Friday, March 31, 2017


We have added a big collection of Icelandic black metal excellence to our webshop:

Introducing: V-18 Skáphe - Untitled cassette - A collaborative release between Vánagandr and Mystíkaos. Also stocked Wormlust - MMVI cassette from Mystíkaos.

Also including:
Oration titles on cassettes:
Oration MMXVI - live compilation
Rebirth of Nefast - Tabernaculum
Rebirth of Nefast / Slidhr - Ex Nihilo split
Rebirth of Nefast - Only Death
Haud Mundus / Wormlust - Oblivio Appositus
Almyrkvi - Pupil of the Searing Maelstrom
Zhrine - Unortheta

Misþyrming & Naðra patches (Produced by Signal Rex)
Urðun / Taphos Nomos - RIP split cassette (Caligari Records)
Draugsól - Volaða land CD (Signal Rex)

We also found a small leftover batch of some of our old titles, including Grafir and Misþyrming.

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