Violent black metal. Formed in 2013.
Debut full length album "Söngvar elds og óreiðu" out on cassette via Vánagandr, LP version out on Terratur Possessions & Fallen Empire, in the winter of 2014/2015.

Black metal. Formed in 2010.
"Von er eitur" pro-tape available from Vánagandr.

The heralds of futility. Debut album "Null & Void" available from Vánagandr.

Chaotic, blasphemous black metal. Formed in 2008.
Debut EP out soon on cassette via Vánagandr, vinyl and CD through Invictus Productions.

Atmospheric black metal. Formed in 2005.
Full length In Terra Profugus out on Code666 records. Carpe Noctem EP out on pro-tape via Vánagandr.

Black metal. Formed in 2008.
Debut album Aphotic Womb out on Terratur Possessions (Vinyl & CD). Pro-tape version out on Vánagandr.

Improvised Black Metal. Formed in 2012.
No Rehearsal. No Writing. Only DEATH.

Punk black metal.

Black metal.

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  1. The Black Metal of Iceland is of quality, greetings from Chile!